25. Statistics

AGX Dynamics for Unreal and AGX Dynamics gathers statistics during its operation, both timer measurements and counts of things such as the number of bodies and constraints in the simulation. These statistics are reported to the Unreal Engine stat system and can be shown on-screen with the stat console commands. Statistics must be enabled in the Plugin Settings and at least one simulation step performed for anything to show up.

Statistics displayed using ``stat AGXUnreal`` and ``stat AGXDynamicsStepTimers``.

Statistics displayed using stat AGXUnreal and stat AGXDynamicsStepTimers.

The statistics is categorized into the following groups.

  • AGX Unreal

    Enabled with stat AGXUnreal. Display statistics gathered by the plugin. This includes the number of simulation steps taken the last frame and the time spent inside the AGX Dynamics stepping code.

  • AGX Dynamics Timers Last Step Forward

    Enabled with stat AGXDynamicsStepTimers. Display timer readings made by AGX Dynamics during the most recent simulation step. If multiple steps are taken during a frame then only the last one is shown. If no step was made during a frame then the timers from last step of the most recent frame where at least one step was made is shown.

  • AGX Dynamics Timers Entire Frame

    Enabled with stat AGXDynamicsFrameTimers. Display a sum of the AGX Dynamics timers for a frame. If not step is made during a frame then all zero will be reported.

  • AGX Dynamics Counts

    Enabled with stat AGXDynamicsCounts. Display the number of various objects, such as bodies and constraints, in the simulation. For frames where multiple simulation steps are made only the last step’s counts are included.