6. Building an Executable

Building an executable from an Unreal Engine project that uses the AGX Dynamics for Unreal plugin can be done from the Unreal Editor by selecting Top Menu Bar > File > Package Project > <platform> and specifying the output directory. The executable needs a valid license to function, see Licensing for details.

6.1. Linux

Currently only in-project installations of the plugin is supported. See Installing a Prebuilt Plugin to an Existing Project.

To use AGX Terrain features in a packaged application copy all libvdbgrid files from <EXPORT_DIRECTORY>/LinuxNoEditor/<PROJECT_NAME>/Plugins/AGXUnreal/Binaries/ThirdParty/agx/lib/Linux/ to <EXPORT_DIRECTORY>/LinuxNoEditor/<PROJECT_NAME>/Binaries/ThirdParty/agx/lib/Linux/.

6.2. Automatic Copying of License File

During development, it may be convenient to have the AGX Dynamics license file being copied to the target build location automatically during cooked builds for fast testing. The same is true when using the Launch button inside the Unreal Editor.


Care must be taken to ensure AGX Dynamics license files are never distributed! Use the automatic copying described here with care.

This can be achieved in one of two ways:

  • Set environment variable AGXUNREAL_COPY_LICENSE_FILE_TO_TARGET to true.

  • Set bCopyLicenseFileToTarget to true in the AGXDynamicsLibrary.Build.cs located in AGXUnreal/Source/ThirdParty/AGXDynamicsLibrary.

Note that the automatic copying of the license file is only available for build configurations Development, Debug and DebugGame.

6.3. Limitations

When performing a cooked build of a Blueprint project while having AGX Dynamics for Unreal installed as a Project plugin, i.e. AGX Dynamics for Unreal is placed directly in <PROJECT_NAME>/Plugins, the AGX Dynamics for Unreal resources are not copied to the target location. The recommended way to solve this is to install the AGX Dynamics for Unreal plugin as an Engine plugin, meaning it should be placed in the Engine/Plugins/Marketplace directory inside your Unreal Engine installation.

6.4. Troubleshooting

  • WARNING: SafeCopyFile Exception was Exception in mscorlib: Could not find a part of the path <C:/very/long/file/path/...>

This error message has been observed on Windows while building an executable of an Unreal Editor project using the AGX Dynamics for Unreal plugin. It is caused by a limitation in Windows where paths are not allowed to be longer than a certain limit, often 260 characters. To circumvent this issue the recommendation is to place the Unreal Editor project closer to the system root (often C:/) or shortening the name of the Unreal Editor project.