24. Licensing

This software is dependent on the multi-purpose physics simulation engine AGX Dynamics and requires a valid license to run the simulations. Visit AGX Dynamics for Unreal for more information regarding trial and licensing of this product.

There are two cases where licensing is needed: 1. Using the AGX Dynamics for Unreal plugin within the Unreal Editor. 2. Running built executables.

In both of these cases there are two types of licenses: 1. Legacy license (an agx.lic file on disk) 2. Service license (activated using a License Id and Activation Code).

All of these cases are detailed below.

24.1. AGX Dynamics for Unreal in the Unreal Editor

24.1.1. Using AGX Dynamics legacy license

To be able to use AGX Dynamics for Unreal in the Unreal Editor, a valid legacy license file can be used. The AGX Dynamics license file agx.lic, provided separately should be copied to the AGXUnreal/license directory.

The final location of the license file will depend on how the AGX Dynamics for Unreal plugin was installed. For Unreal Marketplace installation, the path is: <UE_ROOT>/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace/AGXUnreal/license/. For prebuilt (.zip) Engine plugin installation, the path is: <UE_ROOT>/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace/AGXUnreal/license/. For prebuilt (.zip) in-project installation, the path is: <PROJECT_ROOT>/Plugins/AGXUnreal/license/.

24.1.2. Using AGX Dynamics service license

If provided by a License Id and Activation Code, the service license can be activated by selecting AGX > License > Activate service license... in the Unreal Editor.

Service license activation

Activating a service license.

Once activated, a hardware bound agx.lfx file will be generated and placed in the AGXUnreal/license directory.

24.2. Running built executables

24.2.1. Using AGX Dynamics legacy license


Care must be taken to ensure AGX Dynamics license files are never distributed!

Copy your AGX Dynamics license, agx.lic provided separately, to <EXPORT_DIRECTORY>/<PLATFORM>/<PROJECT_NAME>/Plugins/AGXUnreal/license.

24.2.2. Using AGX Dynamics service license

A runtime activation can be generated for a built executable by selecting AGX > License > Generate runtime activation....

Generating runtime activation

Generating runtime activation for built executable.

Note that the reference file should be a unique file for the specific executable (application). Hint: the top level executable generated when building an executable (usually with a small file size < 1 MB) is not recommended to use since it is actually a wrapper for the larger executable, which can be found in <EXPORT_DIRECTORY>/<PLATFORM>/<PROJECT_NAME>/Binaries/<PLATFORM>/. Therefore, using the latter file is a better choice.

The license directory should point to the AGXunreal/license directory inside the built target, typically found in <EXPORT_DIRECTORY>/<PLATFORM>/<PROJECT_NAME>/Plugins/AGXUnreal/license.

This will generate an agx.rtlfx file containing the encrypted license activation information (License Id and Activation Code) inside the specified license directory. The next time the built executable is launched, this agx.rtlfx file will be used to activate the service license and a hardware bound agx.lfx file will be created that replaced the agx.rtlfx file.

25. Offline service license activation

Offline license activation

Performing an offline service license activation.

Offline service license activation can be used in cases where the computer on which the service license should be activated on does not have an internet connection. An encrypted Activation Request file can be generated from said computer and moved to another computer that does have an internet connection. The service license can then be activated from the second computer, and the resulting Activation Response file can then be moved back to the first computer where a hardware bound license file can be created.

Offline service license activation dialog

Offline service license activation dialog.

To perform an offline activation of a service license, the below steps should be followed.

  1. With the Unreal Editor opened, select the AGX > License > Offline service license activation... menu option. The offline license activation dialog will appear.

  2. Enter a valid License Id and Activation Code, click Generate... and select an output file to save the resulting Activation Request in.

  3. Move the Activation Request file to any computer with an internet connection.

  4. Visit the manual request activation site to activate the license and create an Activation Response file using the Activation Request file.

  5. Move the Activation Response file created in the previous step back to the computer on which the license Activation Request file was created.

  6. Generate a service license file using the Activation Response file by selecting it and pressing the Generate license button in the offline license activation dialog.

Upon completion, a hardware bound service license file (agx.lfx) will be stored in the AGXunreal/license directory.