5.0.3 (2024-05-29)


  • Added a utility to initialize all children in a GameObject immediately. (1e8bb6c)


  • Fixed an issue where contact materials would sometimes not be initialized correctly. (b8dd700)

  • Removed the use of the dynamic keyword in the MovingAverage class to avoid compilation errors. (8325925a)

5.0.2 (2024-04-23)


  • Added an option to display simulation statistics as a moving average instead of a single frame value. (91abbe2)

  • Added an option to Shovel to add shovel to all Deformable Terrain instances. (edfbe79)


  • Fixed an issue in the URDF Import <urdf-import-ref> which would cause errors when importing files with a joint of type “floating”. Additionally made the world link static and increased the compliance of imported joints. (8d14dad)

AGX Dynamics

Version (AGX Dynamics Changelog)

5.0.1 (2024-03-18)


  • Fixed an issue where the Check for updates… window could not properly read the platform. (1af217f)

5.0.0 (2024-03-15)


This version of AGXUnity moves all of the default materials to an in memory representation. As a result of this, any projects using the default materials previously provided in AGXUnity might run into their visuals having missing materials. For AGX components these missing materials are handled automatically but it is recommended to backup projects before updating the plugin.


Since AGX Dynamics will drop support for Ubuntu 18 in the next major release, this is likely the final version (excluding patches) of AGXUnity to support Ubuntu 18 as well and the support for the platform should be considered deprecated as of this version.


  • Added support for installing AGX Unity through the UPM. See Installing the plugin as an UPM package for more information. (cdd1e8d)

  • Added new type of terrain particle renderer which upsamples the simulated particles to yield a more fine grained visual result. (8800901)

  • Updated the cable rendering shaders to allow for higher visual fidelity and reworked them to work with wire rendering as well. (1e8e37a)

  • Update default AGXUnity rendering materials to be stored completely in-memory. (1e8e37a)

  • Added implicit material mappings for rendering Terrain material patches and added a help box to add a renderer if it is missing from the parent terrain. (336a220)

  • Added an option to filter the particles rendered by DeformableTerrainParticleRenderer based on particle material (b58b9b2)

  • Added DeformToInitialState option for using the initial route of a Cable as the rested state. (ceaeb54)

  • Added a flag to force Collision groups to update on every contact event. (56383a3)


  • Fixed an issue where the AGXUnity.Rendering.TerrainPatchRenderer would not set the initial Unity terrain layer properly. (8daecfa)

  • Fixed an issue where Terrain material patches would fail to initialize when assigned a null shape material. (fcbf16b)

  • Removed old assets and made Cable and Wire rendering more consistent. (e3b0c58)

  • Implemented a more general fix for preventing reverts of edited properties on prefab components. (2b0b216)

  • Homogenized the content in the hierarchy context menu and the AGXUnity top menu. (336a220)

  • Updated default values for the Movable Terrain max depth and depth inversion properties. (336a220)

  • Fixed multi-edit for Contact Material “fix” buttons. (466c701)

  • Fixed an issue causing transparent agx render materials to not be imported properly when importing a .agx file. (1324779)

  • Fixed undo support for the Render Material field on shape components. (7984686)

  • Added tooltips to all AGXUnity asset types. (e4190e2)

  • Fixed an issue causing intialization error when applying Merge Split Properties to a constraint attached to the world frame (null) (e4190e2)

  • All components are now documented and linked to from the Unity editor. (a606e23)

  • Added handling of Contact Material in nested prefabs. (786396b)

  • Fixed an issue with the package update window for editor version 2021.2. (4a5ff8c)

  • Optimized the initialization procedure of the Deformable Terrain when using larger resolution heightmaps. (ba03ae3)


AGX Dynamics

Known Issues

  • We are aware of an issue causing the “Check for Updates…” window to fail when installing new AGXUnity versions in the 2021.2 editor versions. A fix for this has been added in this version however to circumvent this issue in previous versions it is recommended that any scenes containing AGXUnity components are closed prior to installing the update.

4.7.0 (2023-12-21)


  • Added an extension to ScriptComponent to make GetInitialized more concise. (e5a90b0)

  • Added better HDRP and URP support for Cable Rendering and merged component with fallback. (07d97ef)

  • Added a Movable Terrain which allows for deformable terrains that are not linked to an underlying Unity terrain, enabling them to be moved and rotated. (7974f06)


  • Fixed an issue where Constraint attachment pairs would sometimes reset after changes. (f1c1803)

  • Updated Deformable Terrain initialization to perform better for large resolution terrains. (da19121)

  • Fixed an issue that caused Deformable Terrain with large resolution to incur a performance loss even when there was no interaction with the terrain.

  • Added a log callback method to catch AGX Exceptions. (7ca5f73)

  • Created AGXUnity.Utils.RenderingUtils and moved pipeline detection there. Also added early-out for per-camera rendering to avoid things like terrain particles being rendered in all prefab stages. (5972e5c)


AGX Dynamics

4.6.0 (2023-11-22)


As of 4.6.0, Unity 2021.2.19f1 is the oldest editor version which is officially supported.


The new Cable renderer does not yet support URP or HDRP. If you are using the Cable Renderer component in a URP or HDRP project, please swap to the Fallback Cable Renderer instead. For more info see Cable Rendering.



  • Fix Shape given visual tool creating empty Mesh objects when source mesh is read/write disabled. (79fb95b)

  • Added a workaround for Unity not handling setting hideFlags in custom inspectors. (22f570e)

  • Remove restriction that Deformable Terrain Pager resolution has to be odd. (a648721)

  • Using Constraint with ball joint type no longer causes exceptions due to unrecognized ConeLimit constraint. (d1aa497)

  • Fixed an issue causing the DebugRenderManager to not render bodies or contacts. (5c5b8a9)

  • Added fix for prefab instances sometimes resetting component properties on play. (13e8d70)

  • Fixed an issue where applying Merge Split Properties to a body with a Tire component caused contacts to be ignored. (a07856b)

  • Fixed Constraint controllers not handling multiple controllers of same type properly. (893d38c)

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the application to freeze if a Contact Callbacks threw an exception. (a2f962d)

  • Custom Contact Callbacks registered with agxSDK.ContactEventListener.ActivationMask.IMPACT now properly gets called even if no other activation mask is specified. (04734fa)


AGX Dynamics

4.5.0 (2023-09-01)



4.4.0 (2023-06-02)



AGX Dynamics

4.3.0 (2023-05-04)


  • Added quick-fix buttons to change to AGXUnity recommended project settings in the AGXUnity project settings tab. (f624a6a)

  • Added Soil failure volumes component which triggers failures in the deformable terrain upon contact. (34fc3bd)

  • Added instanced rendering mode to Rigid Body Emitter component. (7f1c377)


  • Updated default values in Contact Material. (8f071ef)

  • Fixed issue causing multiple imports of a Constraint to leave unused Controller components on the constraint GameObject. (699aea7)

  • Fixed imported constraint’s attachment pairs always being synchronized causing inconsistent behavior. (1927c5a)

  • Fixed an issue causing the editor to sometimes freeze when editing cables. (816fd38)

  • Added time reported under “Last Update” is now included in total time under the simulation statistics. (5133008)

  • Terrain soil granules are now rendered even when the application is paused. (038d0a9)

  • Iterating over AGX Native vectors using enumerators now causes less overhead and garbage.


  • Updated the shovel models in the examples to better interact with the terrain.

AGX Dynamics

  • Version (AGX Dynamics Changelog)

  • The native combustion engine component has been updated with breaking changes. The old component is available under agxDriveTrain.deprecatedCombustionEngine. Code using the combustion engine before 4.3.0 (such as the Wheel Loader examples) can use the deprecated version as a replacement.

4.2.0 (2023-04-11)



  • Fixed import of embedded materials in .agx and .aagx files when using HDRP or URP. (a2c1e1a)

  • Fixed an issue causing Unity crashes when more than 1023 soil granulars are spawned during a single timestep. (50b3f7c)

  • Fixed a null reference error in the DeformableTerrainParticleRenderer when using custom stepping of the simulation. (6a5c28a)


  • Added an additional excavation example scene to the AGXUnity_Excavation example, showcasing how to make measurements on the DeformableTerrain.

  • Added AGX resources such as contact materials and terrain properties to the AGXUnity_WheelLoader example.

  • Moved Example Window into the standard AGXUnity package, no longer requiring a separate download. (4a7bb76)

  • Added Plotting Utility, Conveyor belt, and Twisted cables to the Example Window.

AGX Dynamics

4.1.0 (2023-01-30)



AGX Dynamics

4.0.2 (2022-12-22)

AGX Dynamics

4.0.1 (2022-11-25)


AGX Dynamics

4.0.0 (2022-11-16)


  • Support for Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, Ubuntu 22.04 and CentOS 7. (ada93aa)

  • Added feature Deformable Terrain Pager which enables indefinite sized Deformable Terrain to be simulated by adaptively loading and unloading tiles (patches of Deformable Terrain instances) during runtime. (920c546)

  • Added support for Offline license activation using CLI or AGXUnity.LicenseManager. (786aabd)

  • Added support for 32-bit vertex index format in AGXUnity.Utils.MeshSplitter which automatically changes the index format if the vertex count exceeds 65535. This means AGX Dynamics Import of large meshes won’t split unless the vertex count exceeds 4 billion. (affb542)

  • Added distinct warning in the Inspector of Collision Mesh Options when the selection includes a prefab instance. Collision mesh creations/modifications should be applied to the actual prefab in the Prefab Stage to avoid extensive Prefab Overrides. (bd52e02)

  • Gizmo rendering of observer frames. (12cef4c)


  • Fixed issue where Inspector Editors broke (Unity 2022.1 and later) when the HideInInspector attribute was set a class. Unity 2022.1 and later no long supports changing hideFlags from within a custom editor. (f8b4807)

  • Improved support for changing enable/disable state (component enabled state or game object active state) during runtime of Shapes (all), Deformable Terrain, Cable, Wire and Rigid Body. (7167e7f)

  • Fixed issue in re-import of .agx files where new render materials should be created. (affb542)

  • Fixed deprecated warnings in Unity 2022.x. (a63ec4c, 5bef842)

  • Added Wire Friction Coefficients to Contact Material. (2ac22f3)

  • Fixed key bindings so a is left and d is right in examples using AGXUnityInputControls. (4fb814b)


  • Added example Twisted cables, demonstrating the use of Cables in a scenario where they will collide and interact due to twisting and bending.

  • Added example Plotting Utility, demonstrating a straight forward way of plotting from Unity via a network connection to a Python based plot server.

  • Added example Conveyor belt, demonstrating how to use the surface velocity feature of Shapes.

  • Updated Excavator on terrain:

    • Introduced maximum acceleration for actuators.

    • “Speed Smoothing” removed.

    • Assigned terrain materials and properties.

    • Removed usage of Lock at zero speed to avoid large accelerations.

AGX Dynamics

Known issues

3.2.0 (2022-06-17)

This new version is mainly an AGX Dynamics update, where version is used, containing many new features and fixes. Previous version of AGX Dynamics was

Notable feature update in AGX Dynamics is the friction model improvements, where the Iterative Projected Friction model now recovers the friction cone with Direct as solve type. See the AGX Dynamics Changelog for more information about this update.


  • Fixed issue when an AGX Dynamics license is loaded manually from a script, before AGX Dynamics has been initialized. Before, the initialization of AGX Dynamics cleared the license, but this has now been fixed. (22a6c0c)

  • Clarified error message on screen when AGX Dynamics is initialized but the license isn’t valid. (cba67c0)

  • Throwing error from post process build when the .NET API compatibility level is set wrong in the player settings. (c997b4e)

AGX Dynamics

3.1.4 (2022-03-04)


  • Fixed load (from resources) of default wire rendering material. (e91d82e)

  • Fixed activation of encrypted runtime licenses which may have been broken from version 3.1.3 (2022-02-15). (fa90f82)

  • Fixed so that the generated license of an encrypted runtime license activation, using license content string in a script, are properly saved to the default directory in a build/application. (fa90f82)

  • Fixed so that it’s possible to refresh an invalid license, for updated license information, in the License Manager Window. (38968cb)

AGX Dynamics

3.1.3 (2022-02-15)


  • Fixed URDF importer loading Collada resources when the Unity URDF importer package is installed. The Unity URDF importer has a custom Collada AssetPostprocessor which applies additional transforms to the Collada models in the project. This fix is reverting these additional transforms on instances used in our imported models. Both URDF importer plugins should work as expected when both are installed. (c626af3)

  • Improved missing license module information for otherwise valid licenses. (e1de704)

  • Improved license activation/loading from scripts in projects without license files. (c6a60d2)

  • Fixed AGXUnity.UniqueGameObject<T>.Instance to properly handle the case when the object has been deleted. (346e802)

  • Improved undo/redo performance by avoiding calculations of mass properties of rigid bodies if the selection includes many shapes. (d60abb6)

  • Improved undo/redo when imported prefabs are dragged and dropped into scenes. (d60abb6, 1f8be95)

AGX Dynamics

Known issues

3.1.2 (2022-01-31)


  • Improved wire rendering performance using UnityEngine.Graphics.DrawMeshInstanced instead of spawning and synchronizing game object instances. (7302a2f)

  • Loading first valid license file instead of first license found. (ee612f1)

  • Improved error messages and visualization of an invalid license. (f92abae, e3d0d4e)

  • Fixed URDF import of Collada collision meshes where the Collada resource contains children. (6cc7026)

  • Fixed license info to have license end date at the end of the day of the given end date. (8b50be9)

  • Renamed directory AGXUnity/Editor/AGXUnityEditor/Build to BuildTools so that the directory isn’t a match in the default Unity .gitignore. (3b87390c)

AGX Dynamics

3.1.1 (2021-10-29)


  • Fixed performance degradation (in some scenes), introduced in 3.1.0 (2021-10-18), during scene unload. (85c1e64)

  • Fixed bug in AGXUnity.Collide.Plane where any initial rotation of the plane was applied twice. (257ada4)

  • Exposing Poisson’s ratio in the Inspector under the “Twist” direction of cable properties. (2e72ee7)

  • Fixed crash in builds when AGXUnity.PickHandler manager was enabled. It’s now safe for an AGXUnity.ScriptComponent to call AGX Dynamics in OnAwake and OnEnable. (676d3ea)

  • Fixed potential crash in AGXUnity.PickHandler manager when line/ray collision detection resulted in contacts with zero contact points. (2b89c28)

  • Fixed bug where System.IO.DirectoryInfo.Exists could return true even though the directory was deleted while updating to a new version. (9942438)

AGX Dynamics

3.1.0 (2021-10-18)


  • Added support for Contact Callbacks enabling contact data monitoring/manipulation when AGX Dynamics for Unity components, such as Shapes, Rigid Body, Wire, Cable, Track etc., interacts. It also features listening to contact force data. (b6f1763)

  • Added feature to save an URDF model’s all generated instances (URDF elements, STL collision and render meshes, render materials) as assets in the project. This can be done by clicking AGXUnity -> Save -> URDF Model(s) assets... in the game object context menu (in Hierarchy), button in the Inspector of the URDF model or by calling AGXUnityEditor.IO.URDF.Prefab.CreateAssets. See Saving an URDF as prefab. (827e142)

  • Added feature to save an URDF model as prefab, with all generated instances. This can be done by clicking AGXUnity -> Save -> URDF Model(s) as prefab(s)... in the game object context menu (in Hierarchy), button in the Inspector of the URDF model or by calling AGXUnityEditor.IO.URDF.Prefab.Create. See Saving an URDF as prefab. (827e142)

  • Added option to import selected URDF file(s) as prefab(s), AGXUnity -> Import -> Selected URDF [prefab].... (3ae33a9)


  • Fixed so that the mass properties of a rigid body is updated when one or more of its shapes may have changed size after undo/redo. (74e81a8)

  • Fixed so that the Shape resize tool is active when its tool button is active. I.e., it’s no longer required to hold left ctrl to activate the resize handles. Hold left shift for symmetric resizing. (195a149)

  • Fixed synchronization of mass properties when a shape is resized with the Shape resize tool. (195a149)

  • Fixed bug where the shapes of a rigid body wasn’t accessible. (6a81140)

  • Improved drag-drop of AGXUnity.ShapeMaterial into Scene View and Hierarchy. (476bc3e)

  • Fixed bug where URDF resource filenames containing “..” wasn’t found by Unity. (d0a0833)

  • Fixed bug in AGXUnity.Rendering.DeformableTerrainParticleRenderer when there were more than 1024 active granulars. Added option to synchronize transforms either when the transforms has been updated in the simulation (default) or in Update when/if the simulation has stepped. (123f7bb)


AGX Dynamics

3.0.1 (2021-08-24)


  • Using Toggle instead of Button with inverted button styles, which hasn’t worked since Unity 2019.2. (f876e02)

  • Fixed bug where the collision state of constraints and collision groups propagated too far in articulated systems. (0a0d02e)

  • Avoiding unnecessary calls to UnityEditor.SceneView.RepaintAll resolving high CPU usage of the Editor. (dfd63da)

3.0.0 (2021-07-01)

This major 3 release doesn’t affect backward compatibility. The major is bumped due to the introduction of License Manager, supporting new license types that enables more control and license management to you as a user. As of the release of 3.0.0 (2021-07-01), the frontend license portal hasn’t been fully deployed, but we’re continuously adding features and our sales team can issue new licenses without the overhead of you sending us information about the target hardware id.


If you’re updating from a version 2.4.2 (2021-06-03) or earlier, please read the remarks under 2.4.3 (2021-06-17) before updating.


  • Added License Manager and License Manager Window where AGX Dynamics licenses are activated, handled and managed.

  • Added options to have collision meshes different from the source UnityEngine.Mesh. Collision meshes can be a trimesh, a convex or many convexes as a result of convex decomposition. As an additional post-processing step on any collision mesh type, vertex reduction can be applied. The generation of the collision meshes takes arbitrary time to perform, depending on options, number of vertices and operation performed. It’s therefore only support for pre-computed collision meshes when the AGXUnity.Collide.Mesh is initialized. I.e., during initialization, the parameters in AGXUnity.Collide.CollisionMeshOptions is ignored and PrecomputedCollisionMeshes of the mesh is used if non-empty. If PrecomputedCollisionMeshes is empty, the previous approach of using the source UnityEngine.Mesh as a trimesh is used. See Mesh and Collision Mesh Options for more information. (f89f8e1)


  • Moving game objects, created from an AGXUnity menu, to the current stage (e.g., prefab stage while editing a prefab). (c4c15bd)

  • Preventing AGXUnity.UniqueGameObject from being instantiated while editing a prefab. (c4c15bd)

  • Improved AGXUnity.Rendering.CableRenderer to render from the previous segment end position to the current segment end position, resolving gaps previously visible when the cable was stretched. (6a966c7)

  • Using Gizmos rendering of wires and cables while editing a prefab. (6a966c7)

  • Using Gizmos rendering of tracks while editing a prefab. (96aaa07)

  • Fixed rendering from tools while editing a prefab. (b89a255)

  • Exposed AGXUnity.Wire and AGXUnity.Cable components under the Add Component menu in the Inspector. (2c9f0ba)

  • Propagating a newly assigned material to created instances of wire and cable renderers. (d62ef1c)

  • AGXUnity.Constraint game objects are by default added as child to the context when using the Create constraint tool. It’s possible to recover the previous behavior by un-checking the “Create as child” checkbox in the Inspector. (bbe31ba)

  • Fixed usage of EditorGUI.MultiFloatField, with or without label, to work in wide and narrow mode of the Inspector. (a1b090a)

AGX Dynamics

2.4.3 (2021-06-17)


This update is very important because it secures future updates of AGX Dynamics for Unity in Unity versions 2019.4 and newer. Download and manually import AGXUnityUpdateHandler containing the complete changeset between 2.4.2 (2021-06-03) and this 2.4.3 (2021-06-17).

The AGXUnityUpdateHandler package can be imported into any version of AGX Dynamics for Unity and updates to 2.4.3 (2021-06-17) and later should work. See Update from 2.4.2 and earlier to 2.4.3 and later for a step by step guide.


  • Read the Attention above and manually import: AGXUnityUpdateHandler, if you’re using Unity 2019.4 and newer BEFORE updating to avoid errors during the update. See Update from 2.4.2 and earlier to 2.4.3 and later for a step by step guide.

  • Added separate editor assembly AGXUnityUpdateHandler, post-processing imports of official AGX Dynamics for Unity release packages when errors may occur depending on version of Unity. The AGXUnityUpdateHandler resolves errors during updates to new versions of AGX Dynamics for Unity as well as the known issue of the missing toolbar after initial import. (4ab816a)

  • Blocking deletes of any content under AGXUnity/AGXUnityUpdateHandler during imports of other versions. (4ab816a)

2.4.2 (2021-06-03)


  • Default damping in constraints (including controllers) is changed from 0.0333 (AGX Dynamics) to 0.04. The new default damping is more suitable for 50 Hz simulations (Unity default) versus 0.0333 for 60 Hz (AGX Dynamics default). (cae213b)

  • Fixed bug in the URDF reader transforming the inertia to the rigid body frame. (84af16e)

  • Creating an Rigid Body for all declared links in an URDF model. Empty links will get a dynamic rigid body with default mass and inertia (1 kg and diagonal inertia [1, 1, 1]). (84af16e)

  • Fixed URDF joint dynamics friction. (75469ac)

  • Propagating lossy scale of the visuals used by the rigid body emitter. (c23df33)

  • Fixed re-import of an .agx file where the Shape Material has been changed on the platform exporting the simulation. Previously the importer prioritized already assigned materials so it didn’t support changes. Now it does work in most cases but it’s important that the material names in the .agx file is more or less unique. (1e59d60)

  • Fixed exception during re-import of an .agx file where there are unreferenced shape materials in a contact material. (ccd09c7)

AGX Dynamics

Known issues

  • Unity 2019.4 and newer: Installing or updating AGX Dynamics for Unity may result in an assert in the Unity Editor and the Toolbar to be blank. To recover the Toolbar, it’s often enough to either restart Unity or trigger a compilation by editing a script. Unity has been contacted and we’ll hopefully resolve this issue as soon as possible.

2.4.1 (2021-05-20)


  • Fixed URDF import bug where some visual and collision elements ended up with the wrong transform. (21629f8)

  • Removed assumption that Collada resources in an URDF model has up axis z. Up axis y and z tested. (35b4178)

  • Fixed bug where Collada collision meshes didn’t scale with the unit specified in the Collada model. (35b4178)

Known issues

  • Unity 2019.4 and newer: Installing or updating AGX Dynamics for Unity may result in an assert in the Unity Editor and the Toolbar to be blank. To recover the Toolbar, it’s often enough to either restart Unity or trigger a compilation by editing a script. Unity has been contacted and we’ll hopefully resolve this issue as soon as possible.

2.4.0 (2021-05-12)


  • Added Rigid Body Emitter which emits clones of prefab template rigid bodies at a given distribution within a sensor shape. (7ba69d5)

  • Added Sink which destroys everything or a subset of what has been created by the Rigid Body Emitter. (72257c2)

  • Added support to change constraint type of already created (not initialized) constraints. (e90d16f)

  • New default render method for the granular bodies in an AGUnity.Model.DeformableTerrain using UnityEngine.Graphics.DrawMeshInstanced instead of spawning and synchronizing game object instances. (f8bafa5)

  • Initial Source of an AGXUnity.Collide.Mesh is set given UnityEngine.MeshFilter on the Game Object. (633eaf4)

  • Creating visuals by default on new primitive instances created from the main or context menus. (0f11b91)


  • Fixed bug where a constraint that had been restored to default (component Reset), resulted in an invalid state of the constraint. (e90d16f)

  • Fixed bug where shape visuals didn’t update its size after shapes had been restored to default. (5176cf4)

  • Fixed issue where the terrain data (of an AGXUnity.Model.DeformableTerrain) could become corrupted if the editor was closed while in play mode. (31566e1)

  • Fixed AGXUnity.Model.TrackWheel to support any frame with a rigid body in its parent hierarchy. This fix enables multiple track wheels per rigid body. (d9e5713)

  • Removed false warning regarding collision groups not being applied. (92cd9b7)

  • Fixed import of .agx files when the render material of a shape is null - using the default render material instead and issue a console warning. (1ddee99)

  • New default value of SoilMergeSpeedThreshold in AGXUnity.Model.DeformableTerrainProperties. Changed from 0.05 m/s to 4.0 m/s, adopting to the new terrain feature in AGX Dynamics with gradual merge of soil bodies into the terrain. (5d0d9a0)

  • Added SoilParticleMergeRate to AGXUnity.Model.DeformableTerrainProperties controlling the fraction of the granulars being gradually merged with the terrain per second. (5d0d9a0)

  • Fixed transforms of Collada resources in the URDF loader, reverting the transform applied by Unity (default) when a Collada model is imported into a project. Opt-out this feature by performing AGXUnity.IO.URDF.Options.TransformCollada = false before reading/instantiating a model. (0251f65)

  • Made URDF mesh scale optional without default value. Only assigning transform.localScale when attribute “scale” is given in the URDF document. (0251f65)

  • Fixed so that it’s possible to set Source of an AGXUnity.Collide.Mesh to null from the Inspector. (d2dcb88)

  • Fixed load/unload of scenes where managers (AGXUnity.UniqueGameObject) has been instantiated but aren’t part of the scene. It’s no longer required to add all required managers to a scene that’s dynamically loaded/unloaded. (d9634a3)

  • Fixed multi-float fields to not overlap the next property when the Inspector is in narrow mode. (446e3e1)

  • Clearing Wire and Cable routes in Reset. (597b78b)


Due to changes to the torque converter and combustion engine models in AGX Dynamics, it’s recommended to remove examples installed prior to this release and import the current example packages.

AGX Dynamics

Known issues

  • Unity 2019.4 and newer: Installing or updating AGX Dynamics for Unity may result in an assert in the Unity Editor and the Toolbar to be blank. To recover the Toolbar, it’s often enough to either restart Unity or trigger a compilation by editing a script. Unity has been contacted and we’ll hopefully resolve this issue as soon as possible.

  • Some instantiated URDF models may receive wrong visuals and collisions transforms.

2.3.1 (2021-02-03)


  • Fixed build with Unity versions 2019.3.1 to 2019.3.8 where there were inconsistencies where native libraries ended up. AGX Dynamics is now placed in <project-name>_Data/Plugins/x86_64 for Unity 2019.3 and later, otherwise <project-name>_Data/Plugins. (e64245b)

  • Fixed import where children of a destroyed parent were referenced during cleanup. (fea9626)

  • Issuing warning when heights of a terrain is clamped due to AGXUnity.Model.DeformableTerrain.MaximumDepth in the initialization. The terrain transform is moved -MaximumDepth (down) and +MaximumDepth is added to all heights in order to be able to dig down into the terrain. UnityEngine.TerrainData doesn’t support heights < 0. (853ea04)

  • Fixed so that the transforms of included prefabs aligns with the origin. (06376c4)

AGX Dynamics

  • Version

Known issues

  • Unity 2019.4 and newer: Installing or updating AGX Dynamics for Unity may result in an assert in the Unity Editor and the Toolbar to be blank. To recover the Toolbar, it’s often enough to either restart Unity or trigger a compilation by editing a script. Unity has been contacted and we’ll hopefully resolve this issue as soon as possible.

2.3.0 (2020-12-17)


  • Added support for URDF Import (Unified Robot Description Format) into an AGXUnity.IO.URDF.Model (robot). (f363a1f)

    • All elements and attributes are parsed for link.

    • All elements and attributes are parsed for joint.

  • Added support for Instantiating an URDF model into a scene with AGX Dynamics for Unity rigid bodies and constraints. (f363a1f)

    • Supported 3D model formats are the ones supported by Unity (.fbx, .dae, .3ds, .dxf, .obj, .skp) and AGX Dynamics for Unity has a STL (.stl) importer used in the default pipeline.

    • All read URDF data is accessible (immutable) in the Inspector of the model.

  • Added support for STL Import (.stl) - binary or ASCII. (f363a1f)

    • STL triangle normals are converted to Unity vertex normals given a smooth surface angle threshold.

  • AGXUnity.GearConstraint component added (used in URDF joint mimic), which describes how the controlled movements of a constraint relates to another constraint given a gear ratio. This feature is currently experimental and is verified to work with Hinge and Prismatic in any combination for begin/end actuators. (f363a1f)

  • Custom Inspector GUI for Vector2, Vector3 and Vector4 with support for arbitrary sub-labels, e.g., RPY instead of XYZ. (f363a1f)


  • Fixed so that a modified UnityEngine.Time.fixedDeltaTime is properly propagated to the simulation when AutoSteppingMode is FixedUpdate. (bee1018)

  • Changed default value of AGXUnity.Simulation.FixedUpdateRealTimeFactor to 0.0 (disabled), so that the simulation time by default matches UnityEngine.Time.fixedTime. (5adc807)

  • Exposed number of Parallel Projected Gauss Seidel (PPGS) resting iterations in AGXUnity.SolverSettings, enabling balancing computational performance vs. accuracy of the granulars in AGXUnity.Model.DeformableTerrain. The default value is 25 iterations but can, in many cases be reduced to, e.g., 10. (2edd7b0)

  • Fixed Asset context menu with separators and added Import with supported file imports. (f363a1f)

  • Renamed asset context menu Import AGX file as prefab to Import AGX Dynamics file [prefab] and this context is also available under AGXUnity -> Import -> AGX Dynamics file [prefab]. (f363a1f)

  • Fixed bug, introduced with ArticulatedRoot, where non-instantiated RigidBody prefabs didn’t find any shapes since shape.GetComponentInParent<RigidBody>() always returns null (not the case for instances). This behavior has only been reproduced when a rigid body is selected (or traversed) in the Project tab. (f363a1f)

  • Improved synchronization of properties/settings values to native instances of AGXUnity.Model.DeformableTerrain, AGXUnity.Model.DeformableTerrainShovel, AGXUnity.Model.Track and AGXUnity.Model.TwoBodyTire. (f363a1f)


Known issues

  • Unity 2019.3, 2019.3.8 and earlier: Building standalone applications (from within the Editor) could result in AGX Dynamics binaries to end up in the wrong folder. The issue has been fixed in Unity 2019.3.9. 2.3.1 (2021-02-03) handles this by moving the AGX Dynamics binaries to the correct folder for the affected Unity versions.

2.2.1 (2020-10-09)


  • Added support for Unicode characters in collision group names. (18f9db4)

  • Improved re-import of models to support change of shape type with preserved UUID. (b734616)

  • Fix so that Hierarchy context menu Create Shape Visual in children always validates to true for Unity versions 2019.4 and newer. This selection was always inactive in earlier versions of AGX Dynamics for Unity (inside Unity 2019.4 and newer). (cd2a38d)

  • Improved raycasts (used by Tools) of shapes and meshes with scales in their hierarchy. (55085fa)


Known issues

  • Unity 2019.4 and newer: Installing or updating AGX Dynamics for Unity may result in an assert in the Unity Editor and the Toolbar to be blank. To recover the Toolbar, it’s often enough to either restart Unity or trigger a compilation by editing a script. Unity has been contacted and we’ll hopefully resolve this issue as soon as possible.

2.2.0 (2020-09-23)


  • Added support for articulated bodies, Articulated Root, making it easier to model articulated systems such as cranes and robots. (d38df53)

  • Added property Center of mass offset to Mass Properties of a rigid body, enabling manual changes to the center of mass of a rigid body, e.g., when the center of mass is know and the default isn’t correctly represented by the transforms and densities of the shapes. (bf818b0)

  • Improved support for asset types UnityEngine.Material, AGXUnity.ShapeMaterial, AGXUnity.FrictionModel and AGXUnity.CableProperties. (dbb05e5)

    • UnityEngine.Material are batched together, reflecting native agxCollide.RenderMaterial instances, reducing the number of UnityEngine.Material assets created during import.

    • When an already existing prefab has been modified, referencing assets outside of the import data directory, the references are preserved, enabling additional (physics or visual) modelling in the editor when a model is re-imported with other updates.


  • Possible to add AGXUnity.ScriptAssetManager to a scene (from the main menu) which previously was the missing manager to successfully run AGX Dynamics for Unity without domain reloading. (fe13b8e)

  • Improved find point and edge tools to raycast all objects part of a rigid body when a rigid body was selected as parent/reference object. (a12e41d)


AGX Dynamics

  • Version or later due to minor API changes.

Known issues

  • Unity 2019.4 and newer: Installing or updating AGX Dynamics for Unity may result in an assert in the Unity Editor and the Toolbar to be blank. To recover the Toolbar, it’s often enough to either restart Unity or trigger a compilation by editing a script. Unity has been contacted and we’ll hopefully resolve this issue as soon as possible.

2.1.0 (2020-06-26)


  • New version of the AGX File Importer. (a51a606)

    • Keeping track of created assets and removes any unused assets in the import data directory.

    • Reusing collision meshes for rendering if they are interpreted to be identical - reducing file sizes in the import data directory.

    • Support for recreating missing assets.

    • Added AGXUnity.IO.RestoredAssetsRoot which serves as main object for grouped assets and lists all children in the Inspector when selected in the project view.

    • Support for updating previous imports without destroying references.

  • Removed AGXUnity.Model.DeformableTerrainMaterial.PresetLibrary enum and added AGXUnity/Plugins/x86_64/agx/data/TerrainMaterials containing json files defining the Deformable Terrain Material. Previous versions of Deformable Terrain Material assets are automatically updated to the new version, without changing any values. Read Material Library for further information about the material library. (d361355)

  • Added functionality to toggle AGX Dynamics log file via AGXUnity -> Settings -> AGX Dynamics log. Disabled by default. (cf64712)

  • Added support for ObserverFrame in oriented friction models. (97e9ac7)

  • Added link to changelog when a new version of AGX Dynamics for Unity is available. (6b06bf8)



AGX Dynamics

  • Version

Known issues

  • Unity 2019.4 and newer: Installing or updating AGX Dynamics for Unity may result in an assert in the Unity Editor and the Toolbar to be blank. To recover the Toolbar, it’s often enough to either restart Unity or trigger a compilation by editing a script. Unity has been contacted and we’ll hopefully resolve this issue as soon as possible.

2.0.1 (2020-04-29)


  • Fixed bug in VersionInfo comparing versions.

AGX Dynamics

  • Version

2.0.0 (2020-04-22)


  • Grasping Robot input action map added.

  • AGX Dynamics license information in the About AGX Dynamics for Unity window.

  • Added the possibility to update AGX Dynamics for Unity manually given local package on disc.


  • Fixed the line tool to properly invert Shovel edges and direction.

  • Increased Terrain Height for Deformable Terrain created from the main menu.

  • Deformable Terrain Inspector cleanup.

  • Fixed previous limitation where game objects weren’t deleted when re-importing .agx files.

  • Simulation (Manager) Inspector cleanup.

  • Fixed Inspector GUI to display errors in a Wire route.

  • Fixed Inspector GUI to properly handle UnityEngine.InputSystem.InputActionAsset and UnityEngine.InputSystem.InputActionMap.

  • Transform synchronization ignored for disabled rigid bodies.

  • Updated AGX Dynamics for Unity logo.

AGX Dynamics

  • Version